In these modern times, watch brands and manufacturers do everything they can to tempt potential customers into making a new purchase. For those without the benefit of bottomless pockets, it can be hard to sort through the offerings and come away with a watch that both looks great and functions well without going broke. The good news is that it only takes a little forethought, brand familiarity and personal willpower to ensure you leave the store with a watch that’s perfect for you and your bank account best inexpensive dive watch.

Know Yourself: The most important step in purchasing watches for men and women is to know yourself before you ever enter the market. Take a good look at your personal tastes and determine whether you prefer an understated look or a bold streak of panache. Although it might sound like an easy task, many people shopping for a new watch end up feeling disappointment over the final purchase. Look past the bells and whistles to make sure the watch you choose delivers no more and no less than the features you desire.

Set a Price Limit: So, you have a few extra dollars to spend and you really want to head off and do some serious watch shopping. While that’s all for the good, it’s wise to put your pencil to some paper and work out your timepiece budget. It’s a provocative world out there full of glittering watch cases, opulent leather bands and features so slick they might tempt you right out of your hard-earned money. Set your price limit and walk right past the more expensive watches. Why look if you aren’t going to buy?

Do your Research: One of the best ways to acquire affordable watches for men as well as pretty watches women will love is to engage in product comparison. Make a list of your favorite features–both aesthetically and functionally–and set out to find the top contenders. After you’ve compiled a nice selection, cull it even further by eliminating the most expensive watches. What you’re left with is both the cream of the crop and the least costly watch brands.